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Gourmet Jamaican and International Cuisine

Jamaican culture and food flavours have been loved and admired all around the world for centuries. People of all nations travel to our beautiful country of Jamaica not only for the warm sunshine, relaxing beaches, and majestic waterfalls, but to taste our authenticity in Caribbean-inspired food. Jamaican dishes are enriched with aromatic spices, unique flavour-fusions, and a diversity of cultural influence. With the island’s rich history and diverse heritage in food, there’s a dish for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re craving something that is savoury, sweet, or spicy, we’re guaranteed to have a dish to satisfy all taste buds.

At Taste Seduction, we mix Jamaican flavours with other cultures of the world to create a Jamaican International experience for everyone to enjoy and savour. Our mission is to bring a little piece of our culture to the Junction area of Toronto for everyone to experience our warm and vibrant cuisine. Our menu options are available for catering, take-out, and delivery and will transport your taste buds to a Caribbean island getaway.

Our exquisite menu is thoughtfully curated by Chef Vernon Young, a native of Jamaica with years of experience in crafting traditional home-style meals that will leave you satisfied every time.

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Gluten-Free Options Available

All spices seasoning, sauces and marinades are handmade by our Executive Chef & team at Taste Seduction. There is no M.S.G.(monosodium glutamate), no preservatives. All our spices, sauces & seasoning are gluten-free.

We Deliver Fresh & Authentic Flavours!

Taste Seduction takes great pride in preparing our dishes. We use locally grown vegetables, spices and fresh ingredients. We understand that fresh tastes the best and will never compromise on bringing you natural, balanced flavours with an unbeatable island twist.

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